Sunday, December 18, 2011

Eclips mat test with the Silhouette Cameo

As many of us Cameo users know, the mats for our machines are pricey. Some people have been using re-positionable adhesive to bring their mats back to life.

Well, I read on the Silhouette Plus forum about a member (Candi) trying the eclips mat with her cameo and she had great reviews, the eclips mats were on sale at Oh My Crafts, I was lucky to grab 4 of them for under $12 when they had a sale, so cheap compared to the cameo mats!! ($14.99 for ONE!!)

Today I finally got the time and the right projects to try the mats with my cameo and here are some of the pictures, sorry for the quality, I took them with my cellphone and it was cloudy outside but as you can see, the mat fits in the cameo. Well, it is a tad bit wider but it is not even noticeable, you just have to align the mat a little bit more on the outside of the margin line.

(I have made the pictures as big as I could so you could see the details)

*I deleted some of the pictures because it contains personal info ;)*

The first cuts were done with the regular cut settings for heavy cardstock (3/33) and I used Archiver's paper. See how it easy it was to weed it? AMAZING!

The print and cut was done with my favorite Epson presentation paper matte (Premium kind), to be honest, I found the pnc more accurate and precise than when I use my cameo mat, could it be because of the mat's thickness? Anyways, it worked perfectly!

Thanks for looking.


  1. Wow! Great info, Cecilia! Looks like I have to get some of those mats too. Thanks for sharing! :-)

  2. Thanks Ceci! I've always wondered about how the eclips mat worked on the Cameo...

  3. It works just fine Jamie. And something to note is that the print and cut actually looks better and more accurate when cut on the eclips. I have not had any bad print and cuts with it yet.


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