Thursday, December 1, 2011



It has been so long since I had a blog, so bare with me while I try to figure things out.

This week I saw a post on My Thoughts Exactly, they were accepting applications to be part of next year's Design Team (which is something I have put in my bucket list) but one of the requirements was to have a blog to promote MTE on the internet. Well, I didn't have a blog and couldn't make one last minute and I missed my chance to apply, maybe next year right? 

But I am here creating this blog to showcase what I can do in my very limited crafting time which is usually at nights, after my daughters go to bed and before my husband comes home from work. That's why my blog is called "Crafting in the Night".

I started paper crafting since I was a little girl, my parent's own a printing shop in my country (Peru) and my mom is the most amazing crafter in this world, she can create things from scratch, at the top of her head, with no help and little inspiration lol. I am more like the executor, show me how to and I will make it happen also when I see something I like and I try to copy it with my own twist or in those amazing nights I feel my mojo I can make cool things with paper hahaha. I love paper, paper has been a part of my life since I can remember. 

Thanks for stopping by!

1. English is not my first language, I will try to do my best to post in a well written English form lol
2. Hit me a line si hablas EspaƱol, ok?
3. This is important stuff, I am a crafter hoarder. I love stamps of all kinds! I have a decent amount of them in the digital form. I try my best to keep them in order and save them with the name of the author MOST of the times but then, of course, there are times when the files do not come with the author's name and I forget where I got them. If I have used your stamp, please let me know so I can give you ALL the credits YOU deserve. 
My favorite place for getting free Digital Stamps is this place: Thank you to the amazing ladies at Free Digital Stamps for putting a daily list together for us.

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