Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cameo Creations Challenge - Update

I have great news for Silhouette owners! We have decided to change a little but the rules for the Cameo Challenge, the name will still be the same BUT anybody with a Silhouette cutter is welcome to participate!! Yaay!! It doesn't matter if you have the original Silhouette, the SD or the Cameo, we now welcome all of you and your lovely entries so play along with us, there is still time to submit your entries at Monica's Creative Madness. While you are there check out the entries that we got so far.

Remember, the winner of this first challenge will take a stamp of her (or his) choice from Scrappy Moms Stamps.

Come and play with us!! We want to see what you can create with your Silhouette. And stay tuned for future challenges because we have awesome sponsors and prizes for you!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cutting regular vinyl with the cameo

=Last night I made my first cut on vinyl, the regular kind that is, and it started OK, then went wrong and lastly, it was AWESOME! I used Oh My Craft's vinyl.  I must say that it has exceeded my expectations and I only paid 99 cents per sheet!

My friend and I (Hi Candice!) and I have been practicing for a good amount of time, how to cut vinyl with the cameo; she just got hers today, yaaay!! So I tried to help her figuring things out and this is what worked for us.

I had this file in my gallery for a long time and I was planning on making T-Shirts but today I cut it to test my settings and I ended up sticking the designs on my daughters' walls.

The settings I used were:

*First, set your vinyl on the mat, either cameo's e-clips, if you follow me you already know that I have stopped using the cameo's mat long time ago. Don't even try feeding your vinyl with the rollers, I wasted half of my 12x24 sheet trying once again to cut w/o a mat :( so to save you some precious vinyl, just go ahead and lay it on your mat.
*Select silhouette vinyl on the list of cut settings.
*Now, take your blade out of the housing and turn it all the way to EIGHT, yes EIGHT (8) and  then make a test cut to make sure you only cut the vinyl and not the backing.

And you should get this result.

Also, in order to make weeding easier, make a box around your shape, here I made two rectangles that covered the letters so when I weeded everything around the letters came off in one piece.

Oh, I bought these tweezers at Harbor Freight. I don't even know why I got them years and years ago but they sure have been so helpful when I work with HTV, Vinyl and Rhinestones. It makes picking sticky stuff really easy. I love them! I think I paid like a dollar years, again this was years ago. But I hope you can find it too, they are great for crafting.

And this is the end result. I had to climb on top of my oldest daughter's bed while she was sleeping, lol. I even turned the lights on and she never even noticed it. She's going to love the surprise when she wakes up tomorrow :D

If you have any questions just ask away, I will try my best to find an answer for you.

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Mojo Monday 225 and JUGS

WOW, my Mojo Monday was actually done and finished on a Monday!! WTG me :D

Here it is:

I have to admit that I have became so dependent of my cameo that even trying to make this card was being a PITA, especially cutting the small squares. I said, what the heck! My cameo can cut these squares faster and more accurately than me so I turned it on, made 4 squares 1.85"x1.85" and the sentiment was actually stamped (no print and cut today) on a piece of white paper that was cut at 1"x3.75". The stamp came from Archiver's it is an oldie but still good one. All of my papers, including the base were made out of paper scraps.

My card looked so empty because I didn't know where to put more embellishments so I decided to stick some pearls around, it looks cute.

This card will also be entered in the JUGS challenge, it is my first time entering on that challenge, so we shall see. I liked the colors this week, red, pink and white. So simple right?

Thanks for looking. I hope you liked this card, it is very simple but I think it still looks cute.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Birthday Banner

My friend asked me if I could make a banner for her daughter's birthday coming up next month, what a lovely project! The theme will be "The Wizard of Oz" which BTW I have not seen yet. Well, I have but the first 5 minutes when I was like 12 and I thought it was a scary movie. Never again lol. 

I was looking for the baby blue gingham pattern in my local craft stores and I had no look. NONE of the big chains or small stores had it, how come?!! Then I remembered seeing a file in my computer with basic gingham patterns, SCORE!! I found it in Bird's Cards gingham pattern digital paper freebie :D (thank you Bird!!) I printed the circles with my canon MX880 on Epson premium presentation paper. This is what I had in mind, white base, circle gingham and red glitter paper. Everything looked so beautiful!

Then I had the brilliant idea(maybe too much glitter paper) to use some cute paper dolls in between the words. I found a "Wizard of Oz" graphic set from MyGrafico. The file is on sale until the 24th, so hurry and grab those cuties!!!

I am sorry for the quality of the pictures, I don't have a wide angle lens or fancy lighting :( but it is in my birthday wish list lol. *hint, hint to my husband*

I have to mention my newest favorite tool, my xyron 5". I used an entire roll of sticky tape and it wasn't enough! I had to use mt ATG to glue 4 circles that I had left. This is an essential tool for paper crafters, believe me :)

This is the glitter paper information, it is from Archiver's. If you want to make this project make sure you check the back of it and get the code from the picture because I happened to buy a copper kind that under indoor lighting at the store (yellow) it looked red! I brought it home, cut it and then I laid it on top of my white paper it looked orange! I put it under fluorescent light and it was indeed orange! I had to run to the store and exchange my papers. 

I am missing the name of the birthday girl, but I ran out of glitter paper for the rosettes, the images that I will put on them are the Tin Man and the Lion. They are so cute!

I usually don't write my recipes, but this time I happen to have all of the names of things I used lol.

*White 110lbs paper from Officemax (I don't recommend it much to use with the cameo, it does not cut well unless you cut slowly)
*Red glitter paper from Archiver's GSC004 Red
*Bird's Cards gingham pattern digital paper
*Xyron 5"
*Red ribbon from Joann's
*ATG adhesive.

Oh, oh!! Yes, I did cut glitter paper with my cameo!! It will only cut the soft kind of glitter paper and I found it at Archiver's, don't even try to cut the Recollections kind, it will absolutely ruin your blade and make our cameo go crazy! The settings I use were as if I was cutting heavy cardstock but adjust your cut to track enhancing, double cut and adjust the blade to 4 on the screen but turn the knob to 7 or 8 on your blade housing. It will give make a deeper cut but there won't be much force to pierce your mat. Also, I would not recommend cutting glitter paper on the original cameo mat, it is too thin. To be honest, I have stopped using the cameo mat for good, I only use my e-clips mats. Same thing for my print and cuts, they look better and are more accurate when I cut them on the e-clips mat.

That's all for today and don't forget to enter in the Cameo Creations challenge that I mentioned last week. We would loooove to see your projects. Please join us!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cameo Creations Challenge #1

Last week I announced a new Challenge Blog from Monica's Creative Madness. The theme for this first challenge is  a twisted easel card using our cameos to design all or some of our designs. I knew I could make the card base with my machine after I watched the tutorial and I did, I also used my machine to cut the cardstock layers, color the main image then print and cut it and the designer paper too (my brother's creation) the Love sentiment is from card cafe alphabet set from Lettering Delights. The cardstock  I used is from Archiver's because I love the weight of their paper, especially for cards that have a lot of layering and 3D details. The Colors for the challenge were, turquoise, pink and red.
Anyways, here is my entry:

 Don't forget to submit your entries at Monica's Creative Madness place, to enter a chance to win stamps from Scrappy Moms Stamps.

Good luck!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Picture Tray

I kept calling this a shadow box until I saw the packaging lol. It is a picture tray from Kaisercraft and I remember buying it a couple of weeks ago because I wanted to display my girls' pictures somewhere in the house but I was always scared of making one because they seem so time consuming and they are! It took me 4 days to complete this project from start to finish, including two days of painting because duh me! forgot to prime the frame first.

I mixed all kinds of coordinating papers, from different brands and quality, all of those papers came from Archiver's same with the embellishments, I do remember the metal ones are from Making Memories. The flowers on the heart are from Michael's and the ribbon on that section is a piece of scrap that I saved from the flowers I got when my second daughter was born. My husband laughs when I save scarps like that lol.

All of the paper sentiments were created using the Silhouette Studio and files from the Silhouette store. The words on the paper embellishments, banner and pictures were created using the print and cut function on my machine, oh! the rosette is part of a file I got from the Silhouette store too.

The only weird thing about this picture tray is that it does not come with nails or any kind of fastener to hold the front and back together. I doubt any kind of wood adhesive would stand the weight of it when hung so I went to Home Depot and got a Home Tool Box Kit by Ook, it comes with all kinds of tacks, hangers, nails and screws to choose from. So I got the smallest tacks I found it the kit and nailed the frame together. I didn't picture it but I put some pink ribbon on the back as part of the hanging section. 

Now all I have to do is find a nice spot in my home to hang it from. 

Thanks for looking! And let me know if you have any questions.

ETA: These are some pictures of the tray when I started to put things together. My inspiration came from Pinterest, I love that place!!

I used some acrylic paint from Oh My Crafts, it is Pantone 12-2906 Barely Pink and if you don't prime the frame first, you will need 4 coats or more (depending on the finishing you want to accomplish) to completely cover the base.

All done (with the first 2 coats of paint)

Making notes on a big piece of Kraft paper helped me keep things organized and also helped me remember how I wanted things to look.

My inspiration was the heart which is from Maya Road so are the pins and thread spool, I went from there then I looked at my paper stash to see what would look better. I wanted a vintagey and girly look at the same time.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mojo Monday 224

OK, last night I had I chance to start AND finish my Mojo Monday entry. Woohoo!! My girls went to bed on schedule and it gave DH and I some quite time to just spend it on ourselves. He watched some episodes of his favorite HBO show and I just started crafting. I am working on a shadow box that I know will take me forever to finish since it is my very first one. But I won't rush into that because I want it to look beautiful! So I started my Mojo Monday card.

I cut all of the layers with my cameo. I didn't want to use it with the card base because really, that would be a total waste of paper, so after cutting it by hand with my fiskars cutter I started layering everything on my screen. I first thought of using some of the several HUNDREDS of digital paper I have in my computer but then I changed my mind, the Epson paper I use is not cheap and I like to use it mostly on my main images. Anyways, the papers I use are from my stash and mostly from scraps, having a cameo has helped me utilize my paper in the best possible way. The only paper that was from a stack is the flowered one behind the ribbon, it is from Emma's Shoppe Collection Create a Paper 6x6 pad. I got it at Archiver's yesterday, it is a cute pad.The sentiment is from the Silhouette Store and the ribbon is from Michael's. That's it! I buy my DP from Archiver's and I really don't keep track of the names or brands or seasons, if I like it then I buy it :P I really love Archiver's!!!

BTW, it is a very cloudy day outside. Taking pictures today was not a great idea but I did my best.

Thanks again for stopping by!

Monday, January 16, 2012

More Rhinestones!

My daughter tore up her back up and we still have what? Like 4 more months of school left? I knew the backpack was not going to last according the the use and abuse I saw her giving the poor thing lol.

Well, yesterday we went to IKEA. Our first plan was to get a shoe console for the front entrance but the first thing I saw when we got there were the backpacks. We immediately went to check them out, they looked sturdy enough to handle the use and abuse my 6 year old will put it thru. Hahaha!!! And we got, of course, the pink one. The construction of this backpack is excellent and for the price we paid for it? There was no question it was a deal! It even has a laptop compartment and many other more, the zippers seem to be very heavy duty too.

Anyways! Of course DD wanted to personalize it because the poor thing is so plain! And we decided to put some bling on it. I first thought of a combination of HTV and Rhinestones, but DD said no to my idea, especially since the only HTV I have are black and yellow. So not girly right? We just decided to make two rhinestone designs instead, a star and her initial.

The star has two colors, pink and clear and the initial is black. And as you can see I still have the designs from the shirts I made last time stuck on my board. You can use these templates over and over and over again, you can even reuse the sticky transfer tape at least twice!! So keep that in mind.

You can't see the colors that well, it is hard to take a picture inside the house and with low lighting. But like I said, the star is clear inside and pink on the outside and the S is black.

This is the best I could do with my camera :) I hope you can see the difference.

Oh this time I had a minor problem ironing my rhinestones on this material which is waterproof so I am thinking it is too thick and slippery for the adhesive in the back to stick completely on it. I had to iron my designs a little longer than usual, on the outside (of course) and in the inside to provide a little extra heat for the bonding. There was also a bad rhinestone that got the adhesive backing burned. I had to replace that manually. Nothing major or hard to fix, just take off the bad rhinestone and apply a new one, iron on again and that's it. 

Thanks for visiting me today. I know my blog has been kind of slow but believe me, I have been super busy! I am trying my very best to post as often as I can but again, I can only keep "Crafting in the Night" ;)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tooth Fairy boxes

OMG, these little boxes are absolutely ADORABLE!! I bought the graphic set from Lettering Delights Dear Tooth Fairy set after seeing a sample on Jin's Blog. My mistake was to get the graphic set, I should have ordered the cut its set instead because it took me almost 2 hours to convert a PDF into PNG, then trace, add cut lines, add score lines, delete some stuff, etc. Boy it was a lot of work but worth it because it helped me practice a little more to learn about tracing and making cut lines, etc. It was tedious but again, worth it.

These boxes are the same size as a match box (2"x1.5"), it comes with some notes from the tooth fairy and a little chart to keep track of the lost teeth. What a wonderful way to keep those beautiful memories! There is a blue set for boys and a pink set for girls. I am keeping that one for my DD, she has FOUR loose teeth, eeek! Our tooth fairy (DH) will be busy sometime soon. Hahaha!!

Here are some pictures:

As usual, I have used  my fabulous Epson paper, my canon printer and my cameo to make these cuties. Everything was done using the print and cut function in my machine. I freaking LOVE my Silhouette Cameo!!

Thanks for looking!

PS. I was working on Mojo Monday last night when my computer froze and lost all of my designs :( yeah yeah, I didn't save it. I was so mad I went to bed but I will try my best to finish before the deadline. I hope I can accomplish that today.