Sunday, January 22, 2012

Birthday Banner

My friend asked me if I could make a banner for her daughter's birthday coming up next month, what a lovely project! The theme will be "The Wizard of Oz" which BTW I have not seen yet. Well, I have but the first 5 minutes when I was like 12 and I thought it was a scary movie. Never again lol. 

I was looking for the baby blue gingham pattern in my local craft stores and I had no look. NONE of the big chains or small stores had it, how come?!! Then I remembered seeing a file in my computer with basic gingham patterns, SCORE!! I found it in Bird's Cards gingham pattern digital paper freebie :D (thank you Bird!!) I printed the circles with my canon MX880 on Epson premium presentation paper. This is what I had in mind, white base, circle gingham and red glitter paper. Everything looked so beautiful!

Then I had the brilliant idea(maybe too much glitter paper) to use some cute paper dolls in between the words. I found a "Wizard of Oz" graphic set from MyGrafico. The file is on sale until the 24th, so hurry and grab those cuties!!!

I am sorry for the quality of the pictures, I don't have a wide angle lens or fancy lighting :( but it is in my birthday wish list lol. *hint, hint to my husband*

I have to mention my newest favorite tool, my xyron 5". I used an entire roll of sticky tape and it wasn't enough! I had to use mt ATG to glue 4 circles that I had left. This is an essential tool for paper crafters, believe me :)

This is the glitter paper information, it is from Archiver's. If you want to make this project make sure you check the back of it and get the code from the picture because I happened to buy a copper kind that under indoor lighting at the store (yellow) it looked red! I brought it home, cut it and then I laid it on top of my white paper it looked orange! I put it under fluorescent light and it was indeed orange! I had to run to the store and exchange my papers. 

I am missing the name of the birthday girl, but I ran out of glitter paper for the rosettes, the images that I will put on them are the Tin Man and the Lion. They are so cute!

I usually don't write my recipes, but this time I happen to have all of the names of things I used lol.

*White 110lbs paper from Officemax (I don't recommend it much to use with the cameo, it does not cut well unless you cut slowly)
*Red glitter paper from Archiver's GSC004 Red
*Bird's Cards gingham pattern digital paper
*Xyron 5"
*Red ribbon from Joann's
*ATG adhesive.

Oh, oh!! Yes, I did cut glitter paper with my cameo!! It will only cut the soft kind of glitter paper and I found it at Archiver's, don't even try to cut the Recollections kind, it will absolutely ruin your blade and make our cameo go crazy! The settings I use were as if I was cutting heavy cardstock but adjust your cut to track enhancing, double cut and adjust the blade to 4 on the screen but turn the knob to 7 or 8 on your blade housing. It will give make a deeper cut but there won't be much force to pierce your mat. Also, I would not recommend cutting glitter paper on the original cameo mat, it is too thin. To be honest, I have stopped using the cameo mat for good, I only use my e-clips mats. Same thing for my print and cuts, they look better and are more accurate when I cut them on the e-clips mat.

That's all for today and don't forget to enter in the Cameo Creations challenge that I mentioned last week. We would loooove to see your projects. Please join us!

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  1. What a great Banner Ceci! I love it! The ginham paper is awesome! It's great to find freebies!!! =)


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