Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cutting regular vinyl with the cameo

=Last night I made my first cut on vinyl, the regular kind that is, and it started OK, then went wrong and lastly, it was AWESOME! I used Oh My Craft's vinyl.  I must say that it has exceeded my expectations and I only paid 99 cents per sheet!

My friend and I (Hi Candice!) and I have been practicing for a good amount of time, how to cut vinyl with the cameo; she just got hers today, yaaay!! So I tried to help her figuring things out and this is what worked for us.

I had this file in my gallery for a long time and I was planning on making T-Shirts but today I cut it to test my settings and I ended up sticking the designs on my daughters' walls.

The settings I used were:

*First, set your vinyl on the mat, either cameo's e-clips, if you follow me you already know that I have stopped using the cameo's mat long time ago. Don't even try feeding your vinyl with the rollers, I wasted half of my 12x24 sheet trying once again to cut w/o a mat :( so to save you some precious vinyl, just go ahead and lay it on your mat.
*Select silhouette vinyl on the list of cut settings.
*Now, take your blade out of the housing and turn it all the way to EIGHT, yes EIGHT (8) and  then make a test cut to make sure you only cut the vinyl and not the backing.

And you should get this result.

Also, in order to make weeding easier, make a box around your shape, here I made two rectangles that covered the letters so when I weeded everything around the letters came off in one piece.

Oh, I bought these tweezers at Harbor Freight. I don't even know why I got them years and years ago but they sure have been so helpful when I work with HTV, Vinyl and Rhinestones. It makes picking sticky stuff really easy. I love them! I think I paid like a dollar years, again this was years ago. But I hope you can find it too, they are great for crafting.

And this is the end result. I had to climb on top of my oldest daughter's bed while she was sleeping, lol. I even turned the lights on and she never even noticed it. She's going to love the surprise when she wakes up tomorrow :D

If you have any questions just ask away, I will try my best to find an answer for you.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Great post! I have yet to try the vinyl cutting on my Cameo but its on my list :)

  2. It is really easy but please don't forget to do a test cut before cutting a big piece of vinyl to make sure the settings I recommend will work for you ;)

  3. This a very helpful post!
    I just got my silhouette and want to try vinyl cutting. I live in Israel so getting the original Silhouette materials is hard and expensive for me. Is it possible to use a "regular" piece of vinyl, or is it assential to use one that was originally made for the machine?


  4. Shira, I have only used regular vinyl from Oh My Crafts and HTV from Expressions Vinyl. The Silhouette vinyl is too expensive for me.
    The vinyl I use is oracal 631.


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