Monday, January 2, 2012

Heat Transfer Vinyl and Rhinestones with the Cameo

My daughters' birthday party is coming in two weeks and I was planning on making some matching Birthday Tees for them. I got some t-shirts from Target and vinyl from Expressions Vinyl, I got the easy weed kind and boy it is easy! The cuts came looking so clean and perfect and applying the vinyl to the shirts was super easy and quick, like less than 1 minute per shirt.

For some reason the blade I currently have in my cameo does not look like a "normal" blade would, for example. if I set it on 1, the blade will not show at all and the cameo won't cut anything, in order to get the results from setting 1 or 2, I have to put it on 4 or 5. Weird, but I have read on the Silhouette Plus forum that that has happened to other people too, so the deepness of the blade is totally different  from blade to blade. So make a test cut before you cut onto your vinyl. There is an option in the cut settings that will send a test cut before you decide which setting fits your blade best.

This is a picture of two cuts, one is weeded (left, a design for my friend) and the other one is not. See how clean it is? The next pictures are of me weeding the letters, look at the details!! Even the smallest lines just look perfect!

After ironing the vinyl on the shirt, I used the cotton setting for the vinyl and wool for the rhinestones.

Now, let's move into the rhinestones. This was a bit trickier for me, it is my first time making an HTV and Rhinestone application so I knew I was going to make some mistakes.

I loaded my HTV and my rhinestone temple on my mat because I have ruined an entire sheet of 12x24 HTV and it is NOT cheap or available locally so, it sucked having to pay almost $12 per sheet (the shipping is expensive!) Anyways, I didn't want to mess up the rhinestone because it is also expensive if bought by itself and since I am not getting ready to make a big order from either the Silhouette store or Expression Vinyl, I was being extra careful with my material.

The blade setting for the template was 3, I had mine on 5 (an equivalent to 3 on my blade) and it was not enough for the cut to came clean, so I had to pierce some of the holes. I also cut a square around my design because I wanted to make sure I don't waste paper, I did the same with the transfer paper. Again, make sure you test before you cut.

And here are the finished shirts, ready for the girls to wear on their special day :)

Thanks for looking, I hope this post was helpful. If you have any questions, just as away.

P.S. If you do not have the brush I used (it comes in the starter set) you can get it at your local hardware store, it will be cheaper than ordering it online.

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  1. That is totally wonderful, Ceci. I love your idea and concept of using vinyl and then rhinestones for the number. It’s really very cute. I will try to see if I can make one like this. Thanks for sharing this!


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