Monday, January 16, 2012

More Rhinestones!

My daughter tore up her back up and we still have what? Like 4 more months of school left? I knew the backpack was not going to last according the the use and abuse I saw her giving the poor thing lol.

Well, yesterday we went to IKEA. Our first plan was to get a shoe console for the front entrance but the first thing I saw when we got there were the backpacks. We immediately went to check them out, they looked sturdy enough to handle the use and abuse my 6 year old will put it thru. Hahaha!!! And we got, of course, the pink one. The construction of this backpack is excellent and for the price we paid for it? There was no question it was a deal! It even has a laptop compartment and many other more, the zippers seem to be very heavy duty too.

Anyways! Of course DD wanted to personalize it because the poor thing is so plain! And we decided to put some bling on it. I first thought of a combination of HTV and Rhinestones, but DD said no to my idea, especially since the only HTV I have are black and yellow. So not girly right? We just decided to make two rhinestone designs instead, a star and her initial.

The star has two colors, pink and clear and the initial is black. And as you can see I still have the designs from the shirts I made last time stuck on my board. You can use these templates over and over and over again, you can even reuse the sticky transfer tape at least twice!! So keep that in mind.

You can't see the colors that well, it is hard to take a picture inside the house and with low lighting. But like I said, the star is clear inside and pink on the outside and the S is black.

This is the best I could do with my camera :) I hope you can see the difference.

Oh this time I had a minor problem ironing my rhinestones on this material which is waterproof so I am thinking it is too thick and slippery for the adhesive in the back to stick completely on it. I had to iron my designs a little longer than usual, on the outside (of course) and in the inside to provide a little extra heat for the bonding. There was also a bad rhinestone that got the adhesive backing burned. I had to replace that manually. Nothing major or hard to fix, just take off the bad rhinestone and apply a new one, iron on again and that's it. 

Thanks for visiting me today. I know my blog has been kind of slow but believe me, I have been super busy! I am trying my very best to post as often as I can but again, I can only keep "Crafting in the Night" ;)

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