Friday, February 24, 2012

Personalized Thermos Containers

Two weeks ago my daughter forgot her lunch bag in the carpool lane while waiting for me. I knew I should have gone back and get it right then but the carpool police were pushing me to keep moving so we left, it was a Thursday. Friday I went to volunteer at school and took a chance to look for the lunch bag with no luck :(. It wasn't in the front office, it wasn't in the lost and found or in her classroom cubby. The lunch containers had her name written on the bottom. I really didn't care about the lunch bag but I was really upset nobody returned it, especially because it had the Thermos food containers (they are AWESOME) and those were expensive when I bought them! My daughter likes hot foods and taking her lunch to school in this food container made things easier. It keeps food hot for up to 3 hours (for us it was 5) and cold up to 5 hours (for us 6-8hrs)

Anyways, I had to buy new containers because obviously whoever found the lunch bag is not going to return it! and that sucks! What kind of example are they setting on their kids anyways? So I decided that this time I had to do something to make it VISIBLE that these containers belong to my daughter and what else than to personalize it with some vinyl I had left over (Oh My Crafts Vinyl) and this is what I came up with (some parts are blurry because I deleted the last name)

I had my layout in the screen like this:

But I forgot to make one of them shorter, lol. I just got some of the branches on top, you can't even tell the difference. I used the same settings I did the last time I cut vinyl, as seen on this post. Same exact settings, I think the secret is on tricking your cameo that it is cutting with the blade on one but to be honest, it does not work with the manufacturer's settings, some areas will cut others won't so I adjusted my settings again and got a perfect cut. This time I used a cameo mat because it was handy but an eclips mat will work too.

This is a close up:

Let's just hope she doesn't lose them again, lol. Otherwise I should go ahead and get more of them on amazon since they were 39% off. Don't you hate paying full price for something and later you find out it is half off? Ugh, I hate that lol.

File used:

Thanks for looking!


  1. These are amazing Ceci! Sorry about the lost lunch sack. Some people are just not nice! I'm sure Sophia is loving her knew ones!

  2. How does the vinyl hold up in the dishwasher? I'm thinking about embellishing my kids' thermoses this week. There's a super cute one on amazon but just because of a couple cute shapes it's a good $10 more expensive.

    1. I used oracal 631 but I will use oracal 651 next time.


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