Monday, February 27, 2012

Silhouette Blog Challenge

I saw the Silhouette Blog Challenge last week when it was first posted but I really don't like to scrapbook much. This is probably my third layout ever. The deadline for to enter the challenge is today and EVERYTHING with this work went wrong, EVERYTHING!

First, I was working for almost 40 minutes on it and then the studio froze! And after that it closed which was way before I could save it in a document, darn it! Then I opened it again and started from scratch. Changed things around, etc and guess what happened? My blade broke! I am glad it didn't break when I was cutting my main image, it kept of making funky shapes like with the stars and the sentiment. OMG it took me so long to figure out what was wrong with my cuts, a dull/broken tip blade.

Finally, I finished cutting everything, laid it on the table, glued my pieces and added some embellishments to it, I then got ready to take a picture of my layout and darn it again! My camera is dead! I forgot to charge the battery after taking lots of pictures at a friend's party. I said, fine! I have a spare battery which I couldn't remember where I left! I had no other option but to charge this dead battery, WHERE IS THE CHARGER?? When I found it, it was time to go get my daughter from school. So, I decided that I just had to either give up and not enter the challenge or walk away from my project and come back to it later, which is what I ended up doing. LOL

This is the layout Silhouette gave us to work with:

And this is my final project:

The flower is this week's freebie, my favorite flower in the store so far. I don't like any of the rolled flowers from the new files in the store.

I decided to go with the print and cut option because I am running out of ink and wouldn't be able to print pages of designer paper with what I have left, so I decided to just filled in the spaces that needed design paper showing.

This is a list of the files I used:

Star (from the default shapes)
Zig Zag Border (from the default Shapes)
The squares and rectangle shapes were drawn free hand and the designer papers are from Creativity by Crystal, August 2009 Paper Collection. You can get it from Jessica Spargue's website

Thanks for looking!

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