Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine's Day treats

My daughter asked me to make some Valentine's Day treats for her class so I had to plan something quick because she gave me tomorrow morning as her deadline, luckily I had already bought some lollipops from Oriental Trading and pencils from Wal-mart.

For this project I used the silhouette pencil holder file from the store in the car and heart shapes. They are so cute! The circles for the pencil were too big and they kept falling off! My daughter gave me a great idea, why not temporarily glue the holders on the pencils! Fantastic!! It worked!

I had already reduced the size of the circles to 03.50 but it was still too big so if you don't want to glue the paper to the pencil I would recommend you re-size the circle to 0.345 or 3.40 whichever fits your pencils best.

Here is a screen shot of what I made. In order to do this you will have to select the image, right click, select: release compound, right click and select un-group, select the shape again and repeat release compound un-group until all the parts of this file are un-grouped. Then is when you will be able to re-seize the circles.

After separating the components of this file, I removed the middle heart, copied and pasted it to a new drawing window, added some text, grouped the images and replicated it to "fill page". I had to accommodate them again because I needed three extra hearts to complete my project. This is what it looks like before I printed it on re-positionable label paper.
Print and cut is so easy with the Silhouette Studio/Cameo/SD combos, I <3 my cameo.


I also made extra stickers to fit behind the lollipops

This project was very easy and fast. I think it took me more time to convince my husband to help me write the names on the stickers while I was cutting more files than to finish the whole thing, lol.

Oh! before I forget, this week I will be part of a blog hop for Chomas Creations, woohoo!! Check it out at Amy's blog for more details while I get my project ready, I will be using the Chomas Creations pen holder that fits all cricuts and silhouette machines. Awesome huh?

Come hop with us!!!

Thanks for looking!

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