Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Diaper Cake Using my Cameo

My good friend Caty and I are throwing a baby shower for her brother's wife. Since the shower will be on Easter Sunday we decided to get into the Easter mood and theme the shower after it. We are using all of our favorite pastel colors and baby chicks and candy.

So, one of my projects was to make a diaper cake. I have already made one for another friend before so I thought that should be easy, right? Well, after almost 8 hours of work I am finally finished with it, woohoo!!

Here is the cake: (tutorial inside)

To be honest, I was so focused on finishing this cake that I did not take ANY pictures of the "during" process. I am sorry about that. I am sure I will make another one and will take the pictures then. But I followed a tutorial I found at Handmade by Jill (I love her blog!) Since I didn't find the tube she suggested, I used one of the tubes I get my vinyl shipped in, it worked perfectly. 

This cake has 128 diapers, it is massive! The core was done like I said, using the shipping tubes I had, I cut my base from a poster board from the $ store and a toilet paper core for the top layer.

I found this picture I took of  my first diaper cake and I followed the same technique for this one too.

For the topper I used different files. The slice cake boxes are from Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs, this cake box was much, much, easier to put together than the ones from the Silhouette Store, it is only a one piece cut and  only has a few gluing spots. So easy! 

The file is a template, so it will open in the studio (png or jpeg) but you will have to trace it in order to make it a cut file, let me show you how. A video would be helpful right? But I don't like how my voice sounds in videos and I have an accent, so I will stick to the screen shots lol

Now, let me show you the details of the topper. It is so cute!

The crib, rolled roses, It's a girl sentiment, butterflies and bird family (PnC) are from the Silhouette store. Combined with Kelleigh's cake box, everything came together perfectly! The chicks are from Michael's, they were in the clearance section for only 49 cents. The ribbons are also from Michael's. The designer paper is from Bella Blvd.

This is my list with the links:

Basic pink paper
Bella Blvd. #402 Pretty in Pink Designer Paper (Archiver's)
Ribbon and baby chicks from Michael's

I hope you liked this project. Leave me a comment telling me what do you think. Happy crafting!!!


  1. I really, really love it!! It is going to be a huge hit at the shower!! Definitely an eye-catcher!

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