Monday, April 23, 2012

Re-conditioning Your Cutting Mats

You know how much I love my eclips mats, as much as my cameo itself lol. But I was running out of brand new ones and they are not longer as cheap as when I originally got them from Oh My Crafts, especially after adding the shipping costs! I still have like 4 or 6 brand new mats but I was thinking I could give the repositionable adhesive a chance and use it on my mats.

There is nothing special about the "ingredients" I used to put on my mat. I had the frog tape handy, I got the adhesive at Joann's yesterday and just because I had a coupon AND because it was the only repositionable adhesive in stock. I didn't see any of the other brands people use all over the internet.

What I did is so simple, nothing different from other methods, except that I just took the courage to do it myself and save me some money.

First you have to tape all your edges, frog tape is amazing for this because it sticks to the surface and locks itself so nothing goes underneath. I left a some edges of the tape off the mat so I could hang them to make spraying on them easier.

See what I mean? I sprayed them outside because of the fumes. Some mats I sprayed once, other twice and the best result I got was with the mat I sprayed three times up and down and side to side. That mat is wonderful and better than new!

My husband always laughs when he sees me saving the original packaging for my stuff, I still have the box for my cameo and my camera and many other things I know I can resale later. Having the original packaging has been an awesome plus to get more for my items when I resale them later. :)

And here is a proof that saving your packaging is worth the trouble, lol. I have saved some of the clear protective acetate the eclips came covered with and same with the cameo. Only one mat doesn't have one because I found that mat under my paper containers, I thought I lost it so I threw away the acetate. But Here are my mats, nice and renewed.

Overall, I probably spent less than $10 in supplies because I used my coupons on everything. The adhesive was originally $10.99 but I had a 50% off coupon plus a $5 off $35 coupon (I forgot to add my 20% off total purchase, lol) I think it came down to less than $4 for it. I bought other stuff too, including two cuttlebug scissors and some crafty stuff for my girls, the total was $18 and some cents, including the taxes. Our trip to Joann's paid off completely, because this can of adhesive is so big I know I will have enough for many projects to come.

Oh, I colored some seam binding this weekend too, I will post it on Thursday when I show you my mother's day project for the cameo creations challenge. Speaking of which, don't forget that you only have less than three days left to enter the Sports challenge, we are giving away $21 worth of digis from Bugaboo Stamps.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful crafty day! I am off to my Zumba class, see you on Thursday!


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