Thursday, May 10, 2012

Slider card tutorial

I forgot to add a tutorial for my slider card, I am sorry. I was sick and forgot to take pictures of the process, it is really easy and if you have any questions just ask away.

Here is a collage of the steps and materials you will need to make the spinning sun:

For the final card, I used two dimes because they were smaller than a penny and the sun's middle was a bit bigger than a dime but too small for a penny. KWIM? Just sandwich the pop dots onto your pennies or dimes, as shown on the pictures and then stick the sandwiched coins to the back of your spinning shape.

This is what my entire design looked like on my screen. I dragged and dropped my papers INSIDE of my square shapes and card base.

The cut lines should look like this, make sure the cut lines on your font inside your card are TURNED OFF, just uncheck the cut line to NO CUT. The only thing inside that card that should be cut is the part where your shape will be sliding to. A penny is 3/4" wide and a dime is 1/2" wide. Do it as long across the card as you want. You will need at least two layers of paper to make sure your card is heavy enough to support the coins on it.

Insert the spinner inside your sliding slot and then attack the card base using pop dots on the corners, as see on these pictures. Make sure the pop dots you use are higher than the ones you use on the pennies that way your spinner will have enough room to slide freely.

And here is the card in action again:

I hope the instructions I gave you were clear and easy to understand, if not please ask me any questions you might have. I will gladly reply :)

Don't forget the Cameo Creations Challenge please! I would loooove to see your entries, the prize this week is 7 digi stamps from Bugaboo Stamps!!!

Have a fun weekend!! And again, Happy Mother's Day is you are a mommy like me. Now, off to keep reading 50 shades...;-)


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