Friday, June 8, 2012

Cameo Creations Blog Hop Invitation and MIA - Update

I hope you have submitted your entry to the "anything goes" layout challenge for the Cameo Creations. Please don't forget to stop by and link your post over at Monica's for a chance to win a $20 svg attic gift card.

And this Saturday, Cameo Creations will be hosting a Birthday Blog Hop for Monica!!! How cool is that? Come join us to say Happy Birthday to her and see the beautiful creations our Design Team has prepared for her special day...psss, there are EIGHT amazing prizes!!! I asked Monica if the DT could enter too, lol.

So, don't forget to send your entries for the layout challenge AND to come back on Saturday 8:00 AM EST or 5:00 AM Pacific.
Now an Update on my kitchen disaster, I mean, remodeling.

I have not forgotten to update my blog, I promise :P it is just life getting between me and my crafting!! Everything is crazy around here, kitchen is still "under construction" and the cabinet guys "lost" our order for extra cabinets (the missing ones DH forgot to add to the original order) so, that has put is at least two more weeks behind before my kitchen is done BUT the good thing is that my floors are finished and they look looooovely!! Natural red oak is what we got and we put two coats of matte wood sealer but I think it needs AT LEAST three or four more coats because I can see the water leaving stains every time my daughter or I make a spill.

Here is a couple pictures of what it is looking like as for now. The corner is missing two cabinets and we are also missing the pantry door and extra shelves for the cabinets, they are really tall and I had to buy a step stool to reach up high, lol.

On the corner, you can see what my "craft area" looked like before everything was moved to the garage.

Here you can see the floors all ready to be finished and the next picture is the polished, stained and sealed floors, it looks really nice in person. And that back there is our fireplace. That's another unfinished project, lol. We live in a constant state of remodeling this house for real!

Thanks for stopping by and for being a follower. See ya on tomorrow!!


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