Friday, October 19, 2012

Cutting Fabric with my Cameo

Hello my dear followers and visitors!!

Today, I wanted to  make a quick entry and show you what I have been up to this week. I am on voluntary bed rest again and to not go nuts while laying in bed, I started making some hair clips made out of fabric. I first started cutting my own squares by hand and made a couple Kanzashi style flowers that came out looking beautifully! (here are some pictures with the instructions)

It all started with some fabric, first remnants from the clearance bin at Joann. Later I learned that buying quilting squares are better for my cameo :D because I don't have to resize or cut much. Here are some of the fabric I picked (that I haven't used)

And these were made in the Kanzashi style, notice that ONLY the pink one was folded and sewed correctly, lol. I was trying to remember the fold from the top of my head.

And since these flowers were made with 3x3 squares, I got tired of cutting them by hands and using scissors so a light bulb turned on in the head and I remembered that Kelly, from Finding Time to Create made the mos comprehensive tutorial about cutting fabric with your Silhouette machine. I think back then she still had her SD but the settings are pretty much the same and I would suggest you do a test cut before sending in your final cut order. 

It started with me getting all my stuff together, making a bunch of copies of the flower file Kelly shared on her tutorial and I had to use fray check because the quilter's fabric was fraying too much. I folded the flowers in half, then quarters and then added a hair clip to the back with some Beacon's fabri-tac (do not get the Aileen's brand, it won't work. My friend bought that and it made a sticky mess!!)

And here are the last two hair clips made with my cameo.

See how easy that was? OMG, I can't believe I have waited this long to cut fabric with my cameo, lol. I have some Seam-a-Steam, fusible web that I want to use next on a baby onsie applique. I hope I can find a day that I am not in so much back pain to craft away.

Don't forget to stop by Kelly's blog and check her tutorials, they are all great! 

Oh, the Cameo Creations challenge is almost over. Only a week left for you to enter your project and to become a Facebook fan. There are already some awesome entries, so what are you waiting for! Come and join the fun and you could win some cool prizes.

Have a wonderful week and I will see you on Thursday with another Cameo Creations project.


  1. The hairclips are very pretty, lovely colours.

  2. Ceci, I love these! I don't sew but these gorgeous hair clips make me want to sew. Now the fabric tac glued ones are more my style/ Thank you for sharing these gorgeous hair clips. Take care of your sweet self. I'll see you on the forum. xxx - Debbie

    1. Thank you Debbie!

      I actually did some stitching but it was so minimal that it wasn't a big deal after all. I don't like sewing either lol. The little bottle is fray check, so the edges stop fraying. Pulling the contact paper off the back was really easy but it would pull some fibers to, so I put the fray check on those edges.


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