Monday, December 17, 2012

Rhinestones and baby blanket.

Hello, hello!! Yesterday was my daughter's 7th birthday and this is the second year I get to make her a birthday shirt using my Cameo. Remember last year's post? Find it here for the rhinestones tutorial.

She wanted rhinestones this time and I was so excited to make something using the thousands of stones I got last year when Sil. America had the big Black Friday sale and New Year's sale, lol

This is super quick, no tutorial since it was very late when I got a chance to cut my template and because the design has different colors of rhinestones, I had to put then ONE BY ONE. Having a quick pick was such a wonderful help but it still took me a while to set the stones in place.

Here is the cut out of my template

Of course you have to use the part WITH the holes but I love how clean my silhouette cut the template paper. I used the Rhinestone Template cut option that is already in the default settings. It worked perfectly! I had to put my paper on a mat because it was very small to fit under the rollers.

Here it is! A plain Old Navy shirt all "blinged" up :P

Now, onto baby things! Remember I was on self inflicted bed rest? LOL. Well, if you have ever been on bed rest you know how bad and boring it can get so I decided to take into another one of my hobbies, crocheting! So, I made an infinity scarf (haven't pictured it yet) and a baby blanket. I can't believe I finished the blanket in such short time! Just 4 weeks which could have been less if I could understand written crochet instructions. The body of the blanket came from a magazine but I ended up ending it my way because I could not figure out the complicated rumble of directions in the magazine.

The beginning (11/12/12)

Two days later, lol

Four weeks later 12/12/12

It is so beautiful and I can't wait to use it <3...only 51 more days left (give or take)

see ya next time!


  1. Ceci, what a beautiful crocheted blanket.It will be a keepsake for the baby after it's out grown. You are a very talented at crocheting. The rhinestone cupcake shirt is pretty as can be. I'm sure your daughter loves it. xxx-Debbie

  2. The blanket is so beautiful, the shirt is very cute. I love them both.


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