Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cutting Washi Paper With Cameo

There was a question on a Facebook Group I frequent and it was about the cut settings for the brand new washi paper. If you don't know what washi is, let me just tell you that it is a decorative tape from Japan made out of rice paper. It has a waxy texture on top and it usually comes in rolls. But now, WeRMemory Keepers came up with washi paper.

Since there is an Archiver's a mile from my house, I decided to go grab some sheets (there were only two left) and came home to try some settings. Since this "paper" pretty much feels and looks like vinyl, I went with that setting and it is just enough really. I left the blade on 2 like in the suggested settings and I used my mat, mostly because DH wasn't here to move the white rollers on my machine, but also because I like cutting vinyl on my mat.

 I started by loading my mat as usual, then I "weeded" around my shape which was VERY easy, easier than vinyl. I also cut a heart (not pictured).

I tried to cut the Love sentiment but it was a total bust! Washi paper did not pass the intricate design test. Boo! I even lowered the speed from 8 to 3 and it ripped my paper! I tried twice, both times...a bust! So, I decided to just my sentiment on vinyl. 

You know what? I think from now on, I will cut my sentiments on vinyl because it is so easy to peel and stick on a piece of paper than gluing cardstock and getting adhesive all over the place or my card. Vinyl, works perfect for intricate designs and small/thin letters on sentiments. SCORE!

Remember last time I used contact paper to transfer some vinyl onto my split letter project? Well, back then it got really messy and sticky but today contact paper didn't disappoint me and it worked wonderfully with washi paper and the small vinyl sentiment above. I was so glad I didn't get adhesive residues like last time.

And here is my final project! I used some acetate (cut settings are the same as heavy cardstock) to give it some dimension, washi paper alone didn't look pretty enough. Look at the vinyl sentiment! So cool!!

So, my review on washi paper would be that at $1.99 a sheet it is something I would buy for a special project, it gets air bubbles fairly easy and since it is rice paper after all, it tears easily too. It is very delicate for obvious reasons. Does work great for simple shapes and does terribly with intricate designs or small shapes too. At least, that's my experience with it. I also, wish my store carried other designs because the ones they had were just alright.

Oh, I was worried if the wax coat would ruin my blade and so far, so good. I didn't see any damage or dullness yet.

That's all for today, I am off until next week probably with another Cameo Creations project if this baby doesn't decide to come join us earlier than February 3rd.

Have a wonderful week!

Files Used:
3-pc Valentines set
love arrows


  1. Love the card! Thanks for testing the paper for us, Cecilia!

  2. A very creative card. Thank you for sharing Cecilia.

  3. Ceci, this is fab! I always enjoy seeing the beautiful things you make. Your card is not only eye candy it's also a very nice show and tell piece. Thank you for testing this and sharing this very helpful information. You're the best! xxx- Debbie


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