Thursday, January 3, 2013

Split letter frame - Vinyl

It all started with me cleaning my craft shelf! There was a hot mess in there because my oldest daughter decided to cut some ribbon for her own project. I think it took me like two hours to put everything together and sorted by colors. Too bad I didn't get a chance to clean anything else.

While I was fixing the ribbon spools, I was finishing up a design I started before Christmas. I wanted to make split letters for my good friend and for my SIL. Well, last night I finished my friend's frame! This picture was taken with my cellphone and it does not do justice because it is gorgeous in person.

I got the frame from Michael's a while ago when they were having a super sale. It is 11x14" and the matting area is 8x10, which I considered to be too small and I love the effect of the letter off the inside matting frame.  the vinyl is from Oh My Crafts as well as the transfer paper.

One thing I tried this time was to use contact paper to transfer my design (red part) and it was a bad idea! The contact paper left some adhesive residues on it and it was a PITA to stick onto the glass. The whole letter has been adhered to the front of the frame because I didn't have an extra piece of glass to make a floating frame. I like this way better.

OMG, I thought I had already posted a tutorial for this project but I haven't!

1. Type your letter and follow the instructions on the screen shot. Don't panic if your studio stops working (says "not responding") it takes a little while for the program to work its magic. Just don't touch or click anything.



I hope this quick tutorial was helpful for you, if not just ask away. I used transfer paper from Oh My Crafts to transfer the letter and contact paper (not a good idea) for the red word.

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