Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Handmade Stationery Kit

Tomorrow is the last day of school (finally lol) and I know it will be hectic! So I went ahead and took the frozen sqeezes for the class and gave my daughter's teacher her gift.

Last time I sent a couple of sheets from a stationary set I was working on but for some reason (still to this day) when I work with LD graphics my studio can't handle it and freezes. I ended up only printing a couple of pages before the studio crashed. I couldn't open that file ever again :(

So I decided to make something similar but more like a kit. I looked on pinterest for ideas on how to present the gift, I didn't want to make a paper box because I wanted it to last.

I got the wooden box from Michael's, it is already painted (for a dollar extra) and I used the same Avery labels I put on the squeezes.

This is inside, lots of cards, tags and a notepad. I also added some monogrammed stickers in there and a school box gift certificate. Mrs. Brown LOVE IT!

For the tags I used various colors of Trendy Twine from my stash.

The digital papers are from different designers. I think most of them are from Cartabella's True Friends kit.

I hope you liked this project. I am definitely going to make more for my nieces' Christmas gifts, who doesn't like personalized stationery?

Have a Happy Crafty Day!!


  1. Ceci, you sure made Mrs. Brown a wonderful gift. She will enjoy it so much. How crafty and thoughtful of you. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy a wonderful Summer with your wee ones. Hugs, Debbie

  2. What a lovely gift! I'm really impressed with all that you put together for your daughter's teacher, Ceci! It's beautiful! I hadn't thought of making envelope seals, so now I can add something new to do with sticker paper! Two thumbs up!

    1. Barbara, I make stickers of all kinds when I have lots of empty spots on a design if I just need one small cut out. My kids love stickers and this kind of sticker paper I got is removable, so there won't be mess left behind and it won't damage my furniture if the decide to stick them on it, lol.

  3. That's awesome, Ceci! What a great (and useable) gift!


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