Tuesday, May 21, 2013

School is OUT...Summer is IN!

Two more days until school in our district is OVER! I can't wait! No more waking up early, no more trying to figure out what to send for lunch or finding healthy snack options for my daughter.

One of her ultimate snacks nowadays are these squeezable applesauce packs we get from walmart but at a buck each, it gets expensive! Here comes pinterest to my rescue! I found this uh-mazing little gizmo that has made packing homemade, fresh squeezed fruit pouches a breeze! Introducing the: Infantino Squeeze Station!

My daughter's classmates asked her if they could try her squeeze and since sharing is not allowed, the kids asked me if I could make some for them too. So I made two kinds, mixed berries and strawberry-mango which is a hit with my girls.

So, of course I had to use my cameo with this project. I made the little tags that will on the ziploc bags where I put the pouches (in case somebody wants to take it home)

 I printed the tags using Avery matte sticker paper. The sentiment is by Echo Park and then I used the colors from it on the signature.

I was originally going to adhere the tags on the pouches but I didn't get the waterproof labels because I didn't like the finish. The clear ones look great (the picture doesn't do justice!)

There are 16 sqeeze pouches for the entire class, I am so excited to see the children's faces when I give it to them tomorrow.

That's all I got for today! I am finishing up the end of year gift for the teacher, it is something super cute! I have to picture it before it gets dark, so I gotta run!!

Have a great day!!!

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  1. I think these are just absolutely wonderful! My 1 year old granddaughter likes pouched foods, too, and they have to travel here several times a year (a 400+ mile trip), plus going to the sitter's every day, so the pouches make a lot of sense for them. I sent information about them to my son! Thanks for showing this system. I would never have known about it otherwise!


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