Sunday, August 11, 2013

3D Shoe - Elegant Black (Added a new one)

I love the 3D shoe file so much that I decided to make a new one. Some people said the red shoe looked so real, like made out of velvet fabric. Yesterday was my "day off" from the kids and I went to the craft stores just to check what was new. I found this 12x12 velvet fabric with paper backing. It is for paper crafting only because it is not interface. Let me tell you the cameo cut it like butter! Super easy, super clean, super fast! Just use the fabric settings on your machine with a brand new blade (then keep that blade separate for future fabric cuts)

I don't know who makes this paper but this is the barcode if you want to find it. Remember, I got it at Archiver's and it was $2.99 per sheet.

Here is my shoe one more time.

Initially, I was going to put peacock feathers on my shoe but I have a feather phobia! I looked at the peacock feathers but couldn't even touch them from the display lol. So I looked ALL OVER Michael's for fake feathers and I found these ones which come with a plastic hook so I didn't have to touch them!!! I am so happy lol. As crazy as it sounds, I will throw up or get panic attacks if my body ever gets in contact with a real feather. Ahhh, the love for crafting!

Oh, one thing!! The fabric flower you see is from Recollections. The exact same flower, same design, same materials, same EVERYTHING was $4.99 for a pack of 4 at Archiver's they were Prima flowers, the pack at Michael's? $2.49 for a pack of 6!!! I am telling you SAME EXACT FLOWERS. There is no difference besides the price. So go get some Recollections embellishments because they are as fancy as the brand name ones.

My daughter said I should be a show designer lol. She's too cute!

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you liked this shoe as much as I do. If it was real (and I didn't have a sprained ankle, I would totally wear it)

My friend Gina told me that this shoe reminded her so much of some Christian Louboutin's style and showed me the ones she has:

They are the Fifi Strass ones and I knew I could make ones like it lol. Here is my version:

Pretty darn close huh? LOL. I used stickles to fill in where the base paper was showing. It's hard to picture this color but I am happy with the results. It looks so cute in person.

Happy crafting!!!

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