Thursday, August 1, 2013

IKEA Inspired Play Kitchen - One More Reason to LOVE my Cameo.

I have a cute project my husband and I made yesterday. I was waiting for the paint to dry before I took pictures and it is now ready. Our daughter (the second one) LOVES anything cooking related, it is in her blood what can I say? My MIL was an amazing cook, so are all of my SILs and one being a professional chef and on my side, we are really cook cooks too. 

I apologize for not taking pictures of the building process but I was holding a baby the entire time my husband was cutting the wood and then we had a small accident with one of the cut pieces that flew off the saw horse! OH MY! DH got hit with a flying piece of wood and he got hurt a bit. Anyways, this is a summary of what how we made it.

This is the inspiration:

Yep! PINTEREST, lol. I saw some cute ideas and before I drove to IKEA in downtown Atlanta, my husband told me he had pine wood in his shed and that he could cut the boards for me. DD and I went off to buy the "sink" and hardware to the best place we could ever go...the thrift shop! We spent $14.15 on everything (including a night light she begged me to buy) and like $7 for the fabric and the letter. (upside down J looks better than the L)

The kitchen measures 37' x 25" x 12" and DH nailed two 2" x 2" on the back for added support.

 What's a kitchen without back splash huh?

Bowl and whisk from the thrift store. Upside down letter J for the faucet. The mason jar with pom poms are "spices".

 My daughter actually found these at the thrift store. What a good shopper!

I cut the burners with my cameo. Black and orange vinyl and the file is called Railroad, I just removed the R R from the circles.

She's so serious, taking her customers' orders.

These play foods are a mix from a cute playskool set and the cheap Toys R Us brand. The muffin tin is from the thrift shop too.

I am so happy I could use my cameo for this project. Once DH paints the sides of the kitchen, I will add chalkboard vinyl on the side so she can write her "specials" and maybe a mirror too. I just gotta find one of those fake mirrors and not the real ones, I am scare the kids might break them and get hurt.

Using my cameo for this project was so much fun! And it helped me save some money too. I saw vinyl decals on etsy that were $15 for the set! I had vinyl in hand and I paid 99 cents for each piece so that's super cheap right there.

Thanks for stopping by today. The chef is calling, she says food is ready!

Have a wonderful day!

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