Monday, August 5, 2013

Minion Birthday Card - Action Wobbles

My SIL is in town visiting us and meeting baby, she came all the way from Germany and I wanted to make a special birthday card for her. I loooove this minion file from Pretty Paper Pretty Ribbons. It was a freebie but you can still get it from Lisa's store. Super cute huh?

and watch them in action!

You can find the Minion file here 

I hope you like it! Oh, I found the wobbles at Archiver's, I am not sure if M or J carries them but I haven't seen it at my local stores, just at Archiver's. You can find them amazon tho.

Thanks for looking!


  1. What a Cute Card, my granddaughter loves the Minons.
    I would love the Minons, but the link is broken.

    Linda Vanorio

    1. I am sorry Linda. I didn't notice the link got broken when editing it. Now it has been fixed. You can link over or you can copy and paste this link:

  2. could you please upload the link again? thanks so much


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