Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Crafts and Treats

Sorry for not updating my blog more often but our lives are crazy busy now that we have two girls in school and one very busy crawling baby, who also happens to be mama's boy and only wants to be hanging from me like a monkey. Our baby Ergo and sling carrier are my best friends right now ;p

The girls asked me to make cupcakes, I am not the best baker on the block but I make decent deserts from time to time. I followed an easy recipe from cooks.com and made a batch for them to decorate.
I used my favorite Halloween graphic set from Pretty Paper Graphics (Monster Mash), I didn't have a lot of time to do paper piecing so I went ahead and made pnc cupcake toppers using a freebie digital paper I got on the web.

Here is my oldest one getting ready to decorate her cupcake.


This one is mine ;D

And since I left my orange Halloween bucket at my last office job, I had to buy a new one. This basket/bucket is from the Dollar store and the files are from the SIL store. The wording came out crooked but I like it that way, makes it spookier.

And since I was cutting vinyl and the basket was so cheap, I bought a red one for Christmas treats.

I have other sewing projects I have been working on that I would love to show you. Let me schedule that post for later, hopefully I will finish the quilt I am making.

Thank you so much for still following me and visiting my blog, I wish I could post more often to keep you updated with my crafts and I will try my best to do so.

Have a wonderful week and Happy Halloween!!!

Ceci V.

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