Thursday, November 7, 2013

Avery T-shirt Transfer Material.

My friend Gina makes some super cute print and cut designs for her sons' shirts and she inspired me to make some for my kids too. She uses Transfermations brand but I didn't find it at Walmart so I went ahead and grabbed what was in stock, Avery Iron on T-Shirt Transfer Paper.

This regular Hanes brand T-shirt was decorated with Avery Transfer and I love the quality, the brightness is excellent and the paper is so easy to apply too. I bought the paper for dark fabrics. I believe is cheaper at Walmart too.

If you want an option to HTV (vinyl), this could be right for you! All you have to do is grab your image from the web, trace it with the SIL studio, print on your transfer paper and cut with your cameo. The entire project took me less than 30 minutes. I think finding the right image was the toughest part of all.

Oh, follow the application instructions on the box and use the tissue paper that comes with it too. This will ensure you don't over heat your paper.

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Ceci V.

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