Thursday, November 21, 2013

Double sides Hand Towels (replace your paper towels!)

As I have mentioned it before I have taken a new hobby, sewing! My very first project was this small wristlet wallet.

The zipper is all jacked up! LOL but I still love it, it is big enough to put my ID and credit cards and phone so it works for me. You can find the tutorial (and many more) on the Crafty Gemini's blog.

But I wanted to make something else and I remembered that when my aunt was visiting me, she made some hand towels with two sides, one was flannel and the other was towel kind material (see, I am not even familiar with sewing terms lol). So it was time for me to make some,  they are SUPER easy!

Here is a picture tutorial:

Cut your fabric in 13x13 squares (includes seams)

Put the good sides together and  mark where you will be leaving and opening to turn the sewing materials to the right side. 1/4" seam.

Once you have sewn it, turn the right side out and sew again along the edges and the middle of your towels too so it keeps its shape when you wash them. This was my "free style" sewing.

See how simple that is? SUPER! Our usage of paper towels have considerably decreased. We only buy 4 (or less) rolls a month and I love how my hand towels clean, the towel side is great for scrubbing little messes and the soft side is like my buffer for when I wipe the granite counter tops and marble tables. I have a total of 20 towels, including the ones my aunt made for me. I wash them weekly with all the other towels.

I hope you make some too. I have seen people put buttons, snaps or velcro on the corners but I don't like it that way, the snaps will scratch your counters and furniture. I like them stacked one on top of the other.

Here is a sneak peek of my quilt:

Have a great week!

Ceci V.

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