Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cutting Felt with Silhouette Cameo - Part 1

I am baaack!!! Our vacation time is over, we left sunny Lima, Peru and came back to cold and grey Atlanta! I am happy to sleep in my own bed but not so happy about winter weather, I am not a winter person, it depresses me to no end! At least we were sitting by the pool the day Atlanta saw Snow Apocalypse happen. LOL

Now, let's get to crafting! I haven't crafted in a long long time and I was in so much need for it. I decided to make a Valentine's Day project but I wanted to cut some fabric. I thought those felt garlands pictured on Pinterest were so adorable and making one with my cameo was supposed to be easy, right? Well, not so much! I think it is my fault tho. I used the wrong kind of felt. I got the cheap felt from Joann and since the minute I got it, I knew it was going to be a PITA to pass it thru my cameo.

Here is what documented. (sorry for the bad pics, I took them with my phone)

I prepped my materials, I used contact paper as backing, it works well with fabrics and it held pretty well too. Use a brand new mat and a brand new blade, a must!

Stick the part with the contact paper to the mat, cut on speed 3, thickness 33 and blade on 10. Double cut.

The felt was so stringy (is that even a word?) and porous that most of the hearts didn't get cut thru, I had to snip some of the strings with my scissors and some cuts were just plain score lines, boo!!!  

Anyways, I managed to cut (or score)  5 sheets of felt. I am going to Joann today and I will buy some other stuff that is recommended for cutting felt with the cameo (like wonder under and a less stringy felt, I think those are more expensive)

Oh, before I leave I wanted to share some pictures of downtown Lima with you.

The Cathedral

This building looks just like the Municipal Palace but it is like an office building/shopping center.

And the President's house

I didn't get more landmarks in pictures because it was hard to take pictures (and focus my camera) while wearing a 1 year old on my back.

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