Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Valentine's Day Crafts, Cutting Felt (and fabric) - Part 2

Well, I failed it! I tried to cut the thick felt from Joann's and I think it is too thick for our machine to handle. Since I wasn't sure if my felt cut was going to be a good one, I decided to use the wonder under to cut fabric (cotton) and it was a beautiful success! Let me show you some pictures.

I first prepared my materials. slightly iron the wonder under on the back of the felt/fabric.

I used the fabric settings to cut the cotton hearts and then speed 10, blade 10, thickness 33 and the felt was a bust! Do you see a heart? Of course not! It only scored the lines :( and I had to go over with my fabric scissors.

But look at the other hearts! PERFECTION!

I cut some more just because.

I used the felt heart to make a coffee mug sleeve and practice the applique stitch on my sewing machine

Which let me into making a t-shirt for my youngest, I tried to get a picture of her wearing it but it was too late, she already got it dirty lol

While we are here, our Valentine's Day parties were cancelled due to Snow-apocalypse, which gave me extra time to craft some treats for two teachers. I used SVGCuts files to make this lovely fenced garden lollipop blooms. They are seriously, so easy to make! I bought the foam that goes inside at the dollar store, waaaaay cheaper than getting it from Michael's or Joann's.

This is also another file by SVGCuts, so pretty! I have tried making heart shaped boxes from other SVG companies and none, absolutely none of them are as easy or as accurate as Mary's files. Maybe it is the fact that SVGCuts has video tutorials and I am a visual learner. I failed at making boxes from other SVG providers so many times that I think it is about time I just stop buying files elsewhere. SVGCuts convert here!!!

Thank you so much for stopping by today! I know I haven't updated my blog but I am so busy with three kids and a house to take care of.


File used:
For my Valentine
9 Nested Hearts


  1. Congrats Ceci on these awesome projects. Well Done.

  2. Thank you Helen! You are always so sweet <3


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