Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Cake Doily

I loooove using my cameo besides paper crafting. It is my way of showing my husband (who gets grumpy when I paper craft lol) that buying my cameo was totally worth it!

Last week was my friend's birthday and I wanted to make something special for him and his son (his birthday too) so I decided to bake, yes you read that right! BAKE! lol, a cake. I have an awesome, fool proof, no fuss recipe from Meaningful Mama. Check it out, you won't be disappointed AT.ALL. because it tastes so homemade nobody will ever be able to tell it came from a box lol.

Here is another picture of the finished cake and the detail on the doily. SO EASY! I used a set of 6x6 pans that I borrowed from a friend.

I was going to put vinyl on the chalkboard sign but I honestly ran out of time.

Speaking of that recipe, here is the rainbow cake I made for my daughter's birthday. I also cut the parchment paper liners for baking the cake (use vinyl or copy paper settings)


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  1. Very pretty doily, cake looks yummy. Congratulations.


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