Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fresh Bread Bag

I have told you ho much I enjoy using my cameo for all kinds of crafts around the house, this project is in the list of my favorite projects ever.

 For some reason I have been waking up around 2:30-3:30 am every.darn.day! Maybe it is my mommy clock still out of schedule because of my son (we are still nursing, 15 months and he seems to not be done yet lol) and I decided to put my sleepless nights to good use, by pinteresting hahaha!!! But I came across great stuff, like baking your own bread.

On Sunday, I went for a quick run to the grocery store and grabbed some baking ingredients, I didn't want to wait on the SAF yeast so I went ahead and grabbed one of those small three packs and some bread flour....the madness has stopped! I have baked four loaves since, using two different recipes.

The first one is for the bread in the top picture, it practically makes itself, no kneading needed...how awesome is that? Here is a link to this amazing BREAD RECIPE. (follow me on pinterest!) I added some chopped olives and Herbs de Provence that the friend we are giving the bread to brought for us from France.

The butter is also homemade, my own "recipe", a carton of heavy whipping cream and coarse sea salt (from Spain, so fancy!) I whipped the cream for a good 25 minutes on medium speed using my Kitchen Aid mixer. After you pass the cream point, the fat starts breaking from the milk and that becomes the butter. The milk is buttermilk which I will use later this week to make a Potato Salad and perhaps, a cake?

Since I made so much bread, we are going to share with our friend who comes back from Germany today. He is always bringing us yummy German goodies and lots of gummy bears for the kids. This is our way to thank him for his kindness. But, no homemade gift is complete without it's own handmade packaging :D

I sewed this bag in less than 5 minutes! I don't have a tutorial for that, sorry but it is pretty basic, just a sack and I put some seam biding to tie the bag with.

The picture of the bread is from google, I traced it in the Silhouette Studio and then added Fresh Bread using Marmellata (Jam) font. Such an lovely touch to my gift and so easy to make with the help of my Cameo. I love it!

Another recipe I tried, is this One Hour Homemade Bread: Try it out! It is more like everyday bread, not as fancy as the above mentioned but still so delicious and IT ONLY TAKES ONE HOUR to make, from start to finish, no joke!

The picture doesn't do justice, I took it with my phone last night after baking it and before my three kids devoured it, it was gone within minutes of me taking it out of the oven lol. We put some butter and sliced olives on top. YUM!

That's all I have for today, I will keep trying new things to share with you. Come back soon!


  1. Difficult to find something as scrummy as freshy baked bread.. Lovely bag Ceci.
    Tine (Addie24)

    1. Thank you Tine! Try the recipe, you won't regret it :)

  2. Hey Ceci!
    I just thought I would share this in case you would be interested!
    Have an awesome day and let me know if you have any questions!

    Warmly, Leah

  3. The bread looks fabulous. I haven't found how to get to you on Pintrest. Do you have a link to it? The bread sack is great for the bread. Does the cameo have more options than my version of the Silhouette SD other than yours work surface is wider than mine?

    I don't know what the difference is between them. I do know I am ready to make some bread!

    1. This is the direct link, but there is a Pinterest button on the top too: http://www.pinterest.com/papercreative/

      The only difference is that you have a wider surface. In regards to cuts and designs, then there are the free (basic) and the Designer's Edition, I have that one. It allows you to open SVG files, design rhinestones, sketch, etc.

      Try the bread, it's delicious! I just got 1lb of yeast to keep on baking since my husband and our friend have put in a request for more bread.

      Thank you for your comment :)

  4. Ceci the bread looks yummy, the bag is awesome. Congrats.


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