Friday, July 18, 2014

Painted Wooden Sign

Our friend asked me if I could make a sign for his pool, he's an attorney and he knows he better be safe than sorry so he wanted something that warned swimming visitors that they were entering the pool at their own risk. Pretty smart I tell ya!

So this is what I made!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

More screen printing with my Cameo

Remember I made shirts for my Step-daughter's mom using my cameo to screen print on them? See this post

Yesterday I made new ones for my husband and son, they both wore matching shirts to support The Netherlands, I pulled the image from goggle, traced it and cut 651 vinyl, I used the negative as my template. The soccer ball is layered HTV, just like in the Germany team shirt I made for a friend.

Here are some pictures and I will explain how I did it,

Like I said, I traced my image and set the cut lines. (the bon appetite is an extra design I was trying to put on a salad bowl, it didn't work out because the surface was non slip and the vinyl would not stick on it)

Friday, July 4, 2014

Hello there!!!

Helloooooooo!!! Anybody in here? LOL. I am soooooo sorry I have neglected my blog so badly, life has been CRAZY busy but luckily I have been having more time to craft, just not to share with you. I have been posting my crafts on my Instagram. If you want to follow me here is the link. FOLLOW ME

Today is one more World Cup game, I only watch Futbol (or soccer for the Americans lol) every four years and of course I am rooting for some Latin American teams and The Netherlands :D (since Spain is long gone! BOOOOOOO!!!)

I made this shirt for my friend, my husband and him are going to watch the Germany-France match at a French restaurant ha! They will probably be the only ones rooting for Germany at that place today. Silly boys!