Sunday, July 6, 2014

More screen printing with my Cameo

Remember I made shirts for my Step-daughter's mom using my cameo to screen print on them? See this post

Yesterday I made new ones for my husband and son, they both wore matching shirts to support The Netherlands, I pulled the image from goggle, traced it and cut 651 vinyl, I used the negative as my template. The soccer ball is layered HTV, just like in the Germany team shirt I made for a friend.

Here are some pictures and I will explain how I did it,

Like I said, I traced my image and set the cut lines. (the bon appetite is an extra design I was trying to put on a salad bowl, it didn't work out because the surface was non slip and the vinyl would not stick on it)

 See this piece of vinyl? lol. I cut the black part of the soccer ball on it.

I wasn't sure if my husband's shirt was too big for the design so I used my Chomas pen holder to draw my template and make sure I had the right sizes. The lion was too big and the letters were too small, so I readjusted them before cutting the vinyl.

 My weeded vinyl, the negative is what you will use to transfer to your silk screen.

Weeded vinyl before removing the backing

Weeded vinyl transferred to silk screen

All ready to go!

For this step and since the shirt was big, my son was NOT in the ergo back pack like the last time, I knew I needed an extra set of strong hands! My husband held down the screen while I applied the paint on it.

Use a super fat squeegee, like the speedball sold at Hobby Lobby, mine was $12.99 before 49% off coupon.

This is the final product, modeled by my little handsome fella!

And that's it! Wash your screen and squeegee with lots of warm water, let the screen dry completely and put away for next use. The vinyl comes off right away and with no trouble. I used 651 because it holds moisture better than 631 but I will soon order some sign template vinyl (more water resistant) so the paint doesn't bleed thru. I do not recommend using acrylic paints because it will not wash off your screen and it's too thick. Speedball paint is the way to go.

Thanks for stopping!!!


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