Friday, July 18, 2014

Painted Wooden Sign

Our friend asked me if I could make a sign for his pool, he's an attorney and he knows he better be safe than sorry so he wanted something that warned swimming visitors that they were entering the pool at their own risk. Pretty smart I tell ya!

So this is what I made!
My first idea was to use a pallet but I found this beautiful piece of weathered wood at an antique sale that I thought was going to be perfect!

Those were our finds, a vintage police whistle, the itty bitty shopping cart that my son plays with all.the.time. now and that beautiful piece of wood. GORGEOUS!!!

See, those marks on top of the vinyl? I made those with a meat tenderizer lol, but looks great huh?

The vinyl is layered 651 outdoor grade Oracal, except the black part. That's paint. I used black for the bottom layer and this beautiful turquoise color to go on top; I ended up sanding the edges and sealing my entire sign, since it will be left outdoors, with some spray sealant. 

This hole on the E was part of the wood, I love it!

How I made it?

I painted my wood with black Glidden brand sample paint from Home Depot.
I cut the words on the right side of the 631 vinyl and attached it to the painted wood. Then I covered the entire piece with the turquoise paint, also by Glidden and when the paint was still wet I removed the letters. This will help avoid peeling the paint when you lift your letters. That's it! That's the stencil part.

For the lifesaver (file from the Sil store), I cut the inside part (black) and left it there to give me that background effect so I wouldn't have to use black vinyl. Then I layered the white 651 vinyl and on top of that the red part.

After everything was completed I sanded the wood and sprayed sealer all over it. Ta-da!

I hope you all like this craft, I am off to make one for my house. I love the colors I picked :)


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