Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Fabric Luggage Tags - Cutting Fabric W/Silhouette Cameo

It's back to school time!!! My oldest needed tags for her backpack and lunch bag and I was going to buy a pair from Target, $12.99 but then I decided to put my cameo to work and make my own fabric tags. It was very simple!

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There is no much to share here, I used a tag file from the Sil store (Lori Whitlock), sized it to fit the words I was going to iron on, I used black HTV (siser easy weed) and the fabric is some scraps from Joann. I applied iron on interfacing to the back, left the paper backing on and stuck it on my mat which was brand new. The blade I have is not the one with the blue cap but it is a designated blade just for fabric cuts. It cut like butter!

I added some embroidering stitching to the edges and voila! Custom made fabric tags done! All the project took me 20 minutes, maybe less. My daughter was super happy with them.

One thing I would recommend is slowing the speed to a low o minimum when cutting fabric because the default setting the studio has is too fast IMO and it can pull the fabric away, especially if your mat is not super sticky.

When cutting fabric, always always use a brand new or close to brand new mat and don't use the over glued or reconditioned mats because the adhesive is not strong enough. I have tried that and it made a mess :(

There you go! More ways to use your cameo and more things to do with your cameo! I love this machine.



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