Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Silhouette Cameo/Portrait and Embrilliance Embroidery Software (Cutting Fabric Applique)

I did it, I did it! I took the plunge and jumped with both feet! I used my Embroidery software called Embrilliace which AUTOMATICALLY converts embroidery files (Brother uses PES) into .SVG, .PLT, .FCM (ScanNCut) and .studio (Silhouette). HOW AWESOME IS THAT????

Sorry for the crappy picture but here is what happens when you follow the directions from this YouTube tutorial:

I prepped my fabric with some heat and bond lite (HNBL) and didn't remove the backing paper. I stuck it on my mat as is. Then opened up the silhouette file created by embrilliance and see the number on the screen? Embrilliance automatically adds an extra 1.5mm of offset around the shape so there is enough room for your needle to tack down the fabric without running to the edges.

It even automatically selects fabric as your medium to cut, you will have to change the mat because for some reason the stamp mat comes as default. After I cut my fabric I ironed it down to tack it with my embroidery machine.

And this is the end result:

The file I used to create this shirt is by Creative Appliques and it is called Princess Crown Birthday Number Set Applique. This website has amazing designs, I am in love with them and it is what I am using most so far. It stitches beautifully!

Creative Appliques

Ohhh, I got one more reason to love my Cameo <3

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  1. What a great tutorial! And I love what you did with the design! Looks great! <3 <3 <3

  2. Replies
    1. I really have no idea since the hard drive where this design was saved burned :( but I will check my fonts when I am on my computer.

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